elcome to The Green Decorator Workshop™
a Youakim Design Group service, Come and learn innovative ways of decorating and organizing your home or even office space in an environmentally friendly way and discover materials that are natural, and especially earth friendly.

Since more and more people are looking into ways to improve their lifestyle, I have decided to create this program to help and encourage homeowners and renters as well to contribute in the improvement of the environment one household at a time.

The Workshop:
In the first session of this course you will be learning about colour and its history, accessorizing, drapes, wall art, flooring, soft furnishings, lighting and organization we will also talk about the effect our environment has on us.

In sessions 2 and 3, you will be creating a decorative storage box and a beautiful wall art, that you will be taking home with you, along with a Fancy Green Bag, filled with exciting goodies, and The Green Decorator™ book on CD worth $24.99 yours free for signing up for the  workshop.

Each session ranges between two and half to three hours long and we like to be on time in order to make the most out of our time.

The fee to this workshop covers all materials, you need only to bring your beloved self and an appetite for great and fun time.
The fee is non refundable, and part of it will be donated to support Habitat for Humanity Mississauga.

Looking forward to seeing You there for a toast to a Greener World.

Temporarily unavailable
price: $120.00CAD
For all 3 sessions
This workshop is temporarily unavailable.

Temporarily unavailable

Temporarily unavailable

The Fee to this course is non refundable.

Part of this fee will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Mississauga.
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